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Saxony’s education infrastructure comprises primary school (1st – 4th grade), secondary schools (5th – 10th grade), grammar schools (5th – 12th grade), vocational schools and schools for second-chance education where adults can earn certificates of general education. Children at the age of 3 – 6 years can visit a Kindergarten. Handicapped pupils are individually supported at different schools for children with learning difficulties or are integrated into other types of school. After successful graduation from a grammar school, it is possible to study at colleges or universities.  In the administrative district, a scientific education can be gained at the University of Zittau/Görlitz or the International Graduate School of Zittau. The Neiße University plays a very important role, with training at the TU Liberec, the University of Zittau/Görlitz and the TU Wroclaw.

The administrative district currently has:
13 schools for children with learning difficulties
60 primary schools
26 secondary schools
9 grammar schools
1 independent Waldorf school
24 vocational schools
2 universities
1 graduate school

Education has top priority in the administrative district of Görlitz. In recent years, many schools in the administrative district have been redeveloped and modernised and thereby made sustainable.
In order to meet the requirement for qualified people in trade and industry, “Regionale Übergangsmanagement” (local transfer management) has been established with a centre for coordinating between the schools and the workplaces in the administrative district with the aim of improving the transfer from school into vocational education. 

Career guidance has become increasingly significant. Furthermore, local education management has been established within the federal programme “Lernen vor Ort” [local learning] in the administrative district as one of the 35 pilot communities throughout Germany. Among other things, this lead to a continuous education report which serves as a planning and management tool in coordination with the entire strategy development of the administrative district. Lifelong learning is guaranteed in the administrative district because many partners are closely connected here.

Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
Bahnhofstraße 24
02826 Görlitz
Postal address
Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
(name of the office)
PF 30 01 52
02806 Görlitz

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