Coat of arms and logo

The coat of arms of the administrative district of Görlitz

On 28th January 2009, the administrative district council took a majority decision on the coat of arms and the flag for the administrative district of Görlitz. The coat of arms contains symbols which show the history of this region.

The district comes under the territory of Upper Lusatia. Therefore, the coat of arms shows a wall with three peaks in a golden colour. The wall was borrowed from the coat of arms for Upper Lusatia which originated from the city coat of arms for Bautzen. The three-leaved lime branch on the wall stands for the Sorbian population of the administrative district – the lime tree is a deeply entrenched symbol of Sorbian mythology and tradition. The upper division of the coat of arms into blue and red symbolises the connection between the Upper Lusatian wall and the Bohemian lion. The Bohemian lion represents the long and changing affiliation with the kingdom of Bohemia. The Lower Silesian eagle embodies the cultural identification of the administrative district's Silesian population.

Wappen Landkreis Görlitz

The administrative district with a new look

A uniform appearance to foster integration.

"Der Landkreis Görlitz – Mein Zuhause" ["The administrative district of Görlitz – My home"]: with this motto and a new, modern appearance, the administrative district has addressed its population and visitors since July 2011. Thus, the administrative district, which came into being in 2008, has a uniform and unique look for the first time since the reformation of the district and the merging of the three regional administrative bodies.

The colours of the logo, countryside green and active orange, guarantee a high level of recognition. The “foot print” shows the shape of the geographical area of the administrative district of Görlitz, which is an absolutely unique trademark as no other administrative district will ever be able to use this kind of shape. This trademark, in association with the slogan "Der Landkreis Görlitz – Mein Zuhause" stands for leaving traces, belonging, security and being deeply rooted in tradition, which are the values the district administration focuses on in communication with its citizens.

The brand messages consistently focus on the towns and the unique characteristics of the administrative district of Görlitz: reliability despite a difficult economic environment, a pioneering role in dealing with demographic changes and limited financial resources, people with ideas, energy and enthusiasm for innovations, environmental sustainability, a culturally attractive environment and a high quality of life, which in short equates to a viable homeland and a good home.

Mein Zuhause - Landkreis Görlitz - Wokjres Zhorjelc
Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
Bahnhofstraße 24
02826 Görlitz
Postal address
Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
(name of the office)
PF 30 01 52
02806 Görlitz

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