Traffic in the administrative district of Görlitz

Public transport is primarily realised by means of the Zweckverband Verkehrsverbund Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien (ZVON) [administration union linked transport system] which implements the tasks of the administrative district. ZVON is an association for the administrative districts of Bautzen and Görlitz as well as the town of Görlitz.

Regional traffic is connected by the A 4 motorway. Coming from Bautzen, the A 4 (European route 40) leads in an easterly direction through the administrative district of Görlitz. Coming from Görlitz, it leads across the German-Polish border to Zgorzelec and is there connected with the Polish Autostrada A 4.

A major part of the B 115 and the B 156 runs along north of the A 4. In the southern administrative district, the B 178 forges the connection between the A 4 and Zittau. This road is one of the main routes for international traffic in the border triangle. Therefore, the expansion of the B 178 up to the Czech highway R 35 constitutes the administrative district’s most important building project. Other important connections are the B 6, B 96 and B 99.

The following routes constitute important national railway lines: Cottbus-Görlitz-Zittau, Dresden-Zittau, Dresden-Görlitz-(Breslau), Zittau-Liberec and Hoyerswerda-Horka-Görlitz, which is currently being expanded.

A regional airport is located in Rothenburg/O.L.. Other airports in the vicinity are in DresdenBreslau (PL) and Prague (CZ).

Infrastructure data
Motorway          - 33,5 km
Federal highways - 239,4 km
State roads   - 486,7 km
District roads    -  494,7 km
19 border crossings (road) to Czech Republic
11 border crossings (road) to Republic of Poland

Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
Bahnhofstraße 24
02826 Görlitz
Postal address
Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
(name of the office)
PF 30 01 52
02806 Görlitz

Office hours

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