Wealthy towns in the Middle Ages and flourishing industry in the 19th century paved the way for a diversity of cultural landscape. The administrative district of Görlitz accepted this rich inheritance and there are several museums with supra-regional importance. The large Zittauer Fastentuch [Lenten Veil] of 1472 which can be found in the Museum of the Holy Cross and the small Lenten Veil of 1573 which can be found in the historical museum of the Franciscan monastery are unique throughout Germany and Europe.

The Gerhart-Hauptmann Theatre in Zittau and Görlitz is known for its outstanding drama, music and dance theatre. The Waldbühne Jonsdorf [open air stage], the “Theater im Ohr“ at the lake called Bärwalder See, the Fürst Pückler Park and other special places provide the setting for summer events. The street theatre festival ViaThea Görlitz/Zgorzelec attracts thousands of visitors each year. The Transnaturale, a light and sound festival at the lake called Bärwalder See, is a special experience.

The administrative district of Görlitz together with the administrative district of Bautzen constitute the cultural area of Upper Lusatia – Lower Silesia which is financed by means of a cultural levy on members and municipal shares. Its main task is to financially support the providers of locally significant cultural institutions and measures. The administrative district also has its own association, the Kultur- und Weiterbildungsgesellschaft (Ku-Weit) [culture and advanced education association]. The association manages education and advanced education opportunities made by the adult education centre of the district, the district’s music school and the Christian Weise Library Zittau. This includes the centre for media education Löbau, the residential homes for vocational students as well as the entire management of the cultural monument Salzhaus in Zittau. More information at:

Landratsamt Görlitz
Bahnhofstraße 24
02826 Görlitz
Landratsamt Görlitz
PF 30 01 52
02806 Görlitz

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