Welcome to the administrative district of Görlitz

Landrat Bernd Lange Dear citizens

Welcome to the administrative district of Görlitz. Since 1st August 2008, the former administrative districts of Löbau-Zittau, Niederschlesische Oberlausitzkreis [Lower Silesian Upper Lusatia District] and the town of Görlitz have given up their freedom to rule their own individual districts and united as one.

Our administrative district is the third largest of the ten new administrative districts in Saxony and for certain the most interesting due to its great diversity. There are beautiful landscapes, cities and villages rich in history with unique sights and people who take care of centuries old traditions and customs.

Of particular note are the Fürst Pückler Park in Bad Muskau, which is the property of UNESCO World Heritage, the Great Zittau Lenten Veil of 1472 and the Upper Lusatia half-timbered houses, the Zittau narrow gauge railway and the Waldeisenbahn Muskau [forest railway].

We have a great deal to offer, both in terms of tourism, economy and education.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the work of the administration of the administrative district of Görlitz, please send me an e-mail to landrat(at)kreis-gr.de

Yours faithfully,
Bernd Lange
District Administrator

Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
Bahnhofstraße 24
02826 Görlitz
Postal address
Görlitz Administrative District Office/ Landratsamt Görlitz
(name of the office)
PF 30 01 52
02806 Görlitz

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